About Us

The Details


The League Meets Mondays at 5:00 PM. Your two person team will be matched against another two person team. Handicaps are used, if you do not have a  handicap we can figure one out for you! It is all for a bit fun, relaxation, and some friendly ribbing!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

When We Play


We start in June and play through September. Not going to be available on Holiday Weeks? Not to worry we do not play on Holiday weeks. The only League in Maine that does not play Holiday weeks!  We are all about Family and friends!
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The Fun


We start out with a two person team scramble so everyone can meet for a pressure free nine holes. Nothing to win except new friends and nothing to lose. We play a split season resulting in a season ending Champion match between first half and second half winners

About the Course

Most Beautiful Nine Hole Course In The Great State of Maine

Summit Springs was given new life when Stephen Kinney purchased Summit Springs in 2015. Summit Springs has always been a challenging course and it now features beautiful 360 degree views, a revamped club house which houses Mary's Irish Pub, and an irrigation system which delivers to each hole and fairway! Green, green, green! Opened in 1899 Designed by Alex Findlay.  

Stop in and say hi to Mary!                                                                                                                                                                                                          

The Deal

The fee to join the Summit Springs Monday Night Golf League is only $25.00 for members. Not a member?  SSMNGL has a league only special, play Monday night scheduled matches for only $165.00. You will also be eligible for Member tournaments! What can you expect? Along with meeting great people, playing a beautiful course, and more fun than you thought possible, There will be prizes, awards, end of season cook out and of course payouts for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd! places.                       

The People

 Well, there's Rick and Lori. Rick barely does anything after recently retiring. Rick is a scratch player, hits the ball than scratches his head! Lori does everything she can to educate our yout. She has defeated the Commissioner more times then he likes to remember. Billy and Tyler, father and son, but not on same team. George & Bill not related, but a Championship team. And Chris, who must have been one heck of a ball player! Swings for the fences every time! Chris teams up with Tyler, a long ball hitter who also shares duties in the Club House. This is Tyler's first year in the Summit Springs Monday Night Golf League. Everybody expects Chris and Tyler to do well. Our newest team is Nick & Nancy who are probably wondering what they got themselves into! They are the yout of the league and ensure the league will persevere for a long time to come. They are this years sleeper team. Another team to look out for is Lowel (did he tell me one "L"?) and Tom, they played in last years Championship! We almost lost them this year due to a glitch at the Commissioner's Office but the Commissioner's quick thinking resolved the matter!  One or the other or both may have been teachers! Skip & Kelley, married but do not play on same team. Skip is the Commissioner of this merry band of gophers, Kelley "Boom Boom", who shares the well respected and highly paid profession of teaching  youts in the Great State of Maine with Lori, and possibly others in the league, plays with Martha. Martha is looking forward to getting through this season without injury! Her number of surgeries is above par. Golf ball to the head from thirty yards was scary! Marta does it all and when not injured will do most anything for anybody! This team scares most others! John is Martha's Husband, a mechanical genius and plays with Skip. John credits Skip with holding his game back for years as partners "How many bad shots can I watch before I become influenced by Skip's bad shot making!" Connie & Ernie are two accomplished players who have the distinction of driving to Maine from Texas in the summer to be part of this league! Bill is a golf nut, plays as much as he can and looks forward to retirement so he can hang with Rick, and barely do anything.  George and Bill are a team. George's love of his life, Linda, has to work to support George's love of the game, Monday League is Georges favorite night, it is the only night he does not get beat by his Bride. Wayne is the man responsible for keeping the course in tip top shape and plays with Billy, who might argue that he works harder than Wayne in the tip top shape department. Rudy, what can be said of Rudy? Handsome, smart, self made man? No, but he can hit the ball a log way! He has reported to more than one member that he shares his vast knowledge of links management with Wayne and Billy and that is the reason the course is in such great shape. Saving the best for last! Milt is our long hitting, putt dropping, historian of Summit Springs Golf Course! One of everybody's favorite playing partner. This year he partnered with Rudy, yes that Rudy, and are an early favorite at all off site betting parlors to win this year!! 

Honorable  mention:

Troy - loves his kids

Pete - Former Commissioner missed very much this year

Dan - Blames missing this season on  Pete

Dale - friend to all, related to most. Once hit a hole in one, scored  it a "0"

Editors note: There was no fact checking on this story, probably all fake news


From the Commissioner's Desk

Play or No Play




We will not play today 9/2

Big error in the earlier post!!!!!!!!

Champion Match Teams

Connie & Ernie


Dan & Pete

Sorry about that!

I was able to touch base with all members to report the cancelation except

My own parner George (old phone number?)

Hammer & Tammy (Lost their number?)

See you next week!

As much as I wanted to play today It looks like the rain is winning!

Congratulations to Wayne and Billy, second half winners!

Champion Match with Connie & Ernie Vs. Wayne & Billy!

The rest of us will play a scramble!



Championship & Scramble 


Bring your own Dogs and Hamburgers

Teams   Matches to be determined